“Sailing is an amazing adventure. It fosters friendships, comradeship, and teamwork. It makes you want to work together, gives you a common goal to work towards, and inspires you to work harder. Whether you are new to sailing or old, lessons can be found anywhere. Whether you speak the language or not, sailing transcends the spoken word by being “physical teamwork’ that needs no
words to understand what is needed to hoist the sail to move the ship through the water.
As a teacher I appreciate seeing and working with students on the Tall Ships. Lessons in this environment are learned and learned quickly, students listen, they absorb what is going on, and take in so many different aspects to sailing that they learn in such a variety of ways. The training involves classical teacher-lecture style in addition to small group work, and full team work on board. Students get the chance to take the theoretical and put it to the practical. This is true adventure!
Having worked in International schools for the past 16 years, the mix of cultures in an international school is very much like on the Tall Ship. You have students from different backgrounds, different languages, and different cultures all working towards one goal: To Sail. I have seen so many students grow and mature on the ship from being once timid and shy to finding true confidence in their abilities and being able to excel in something. It is a life transforming experience no matter what age you join.
I love it. I love seeing students become sailors in a short time… and I love teaching on the ship as the results are far more tangible and long lasting”.

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